Empower the women of Tanzania

Empower the women of Tanzania
J.A.A.E.M. Huijbregts-Mekes

Help the women of Arusha to be self-sufficient and independent. They have the willpower.


Jambo! Thank you for showing interest in this fundraiser. We are volunteers and we are looking for funds to support a very worthy cause.

Tupendane Africa Foundation is an NGO founded by Rosaline Mushi in 2022 with the intention of empowering women. In Tanzania, women are a disadvantaged group that suffer the consequences of power imbalances within the family. Traditional gender roles are still adhered to therefore the man is the one who earns the money, and the woman looks after their children.

Part of our time spent here in Arusha was given to doing home visits to families who needed our help. From talking to the women in these situations we quickly learned that it is extremely common for a man to abandon his family when there was added financial burden because of a new-born or sickness. This creates a lot of hardships for a mother and her children, which are often unmanageable.

At Tupendane we aim to support those women from poor backgrounds, single mothers, widows and mothers affected by HIV/AIDS. We empower them to become independent through teaching English, vocational training, business lessons, health lessons and by providing a day care. Our vocational training includes beading, tailoring and cooking. With these skills, the women are able to have the knowledge to start their own small businesses and become financially independent.

What we have already achieved:

• For the home visits, we have been able to provide families who cannot afford food with bags of rice.

• Previous volunteer, Maria Lafon, has been able to raise enough donations for a water tank and well. This provides fresh water for those at Tupendane as well as others in the area.

• During beading classes, the women have been making lots of bracelets, anklets and necklaces. We have been able to sell these products to friends and family and any donations will go towards the organisation.

• We have built a new kitchen with appliances inside

• We realized a second toilet and restored the old one

• We built a wall seperaring the premises from the road

• We put concrete on the ground

What your donations will be going towards:

We have not set a min. or max. limit for donations but all donations, big or small are greatly appreciated.

• Maintenance

• Chairs for additional women to join the organisation as well as for volunteers and interns helping out.

• Materials for vocational training: We need more beads, thread and beading looms as well as fabric and more sewing machines. We also need ingredients for different bites such as samosas, sweet bread and cakes.

• Licences to sell food: If the women wish to have a small business selling food, they each need a licence from the government. We wish to provide them with this to help them become financially independent.

• Home visits: For the families struggling, we wish to provide them with food packages. We also aim to help support their children in education by helping pay for uniforms and school lunches, which many of them do not have.

• Staff: To be able to pay our amazing staff for their hard work.

• Money will be allocated to our new project: End period poverty. Educating girls between 9 and 17 about sex, menstrual issues, STD's mand other puberty related topics.

• Feminine hygiene products: To be able to donate sanitary towels so the women are able to continue with their daily lives.

Thank you for taking your time to read this donation page and donating, your help is very appreciated. We will give updates on progress when we can. Asante sana!

For more information you can visit our website  https://tupendaneafrica.wixsite.com/tupendane




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J.A.A.E.M. Huijbregts-Mekes

J.A.A.E.M. Huijbregts-Mekes



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