Most profitable and affordable crowdfunding platform

Steunactie is one of the most affordable crowdfunding & donation platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium!

Why have more costs deducted from your donations than necessary?

When choosing a crowdfunding platform, you want the costs to be as minimal as possible and get the most out of every collected donation.

When searching for a suitable crowdfunding platform it can be difficult to compare them. Many platforms show fees in different ways and sometimes their rates are hard to find on their website.

This can lead to unpleasant surprises when the net pay out is made. For example, many crowdfunding platforms state their fees excluding VAT. That’s strange because in most cases you cannot claim back the VAT and the rate including 21% VAT is deducted from your donations.

The rates of various crowdfunding sites are shown in the overview below.

PlatformPlatform costs
excluding VAT
Transaction costs
excluding VAT
Platform costs
including VAT
Transaction costs
including VAT
Steunactie5%€ 0,506%€ 0,60
Getfunded5,8%€ 0,957%€ 1,15
Doneerveilig6%€ 0, 797,26%€ 0,96
Doneeractie6%€ 0,857,26%€ 1,03
Whydonate15% "tip" *1,6% + € 0,2115% "tip" *1,9% + € 0,25
Gofundme15% "tip" *2,4% + € 0,2115% "tip" *2,9% + € 0,25
Geef15% "tip" **variabel15% "tip" **variabel

Rates published on websites April 2024.
All rates shown are INCLUSIVE VAT (BTW). Attention: many platforms only mention their rates excluding VAT (BTW).
Rates based on donations using iDEAL or Bancontact.
* Standard Tip.
** Example donation €25: standard tip 15% = €3,75. If no tip is chosen you pay 6,04% commission.

Platforms that work with tips

Some crowdfunding platforms do not work with platform costs but with a so-called donor contribution or tip. Your donor is asked to contribute to the platform costs in addition to his or her donation to the fundraiser. This 'voluntary tip' is set by default. In actual fact, your donor is requested to make 2 donations; one for the fundraiser and one for the platform. We do not favour this method. Donors may turn away when confronted with ‘an extra donation’ and you may miss out on donations for your fundraiser. It can also lead to a lower donation then planned as the donor might take the tip into account in his or her total donation.

Steunactie pays out weekly

It is also important to check when pay outs are made. Some platforms only pay out at the end of your campaign or monthly. Steunactie pays out every week. This way you can quickly access the donations you have collected!

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