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Who are we?

Steunactie is an initiative of Sponsor Europe. Sponsor Europe has been active since 2003 helping the broad non-profit sector with fundraising and fundraising campaigns. Sponsor Europe has already helped more than 6000 clubs, associations, schools, foundations, charities, scouting, churches, care centers, teams, classes, projects and other groups and individuals to successfully raise money with (s)teun (see www.steun.nl en www.steun.be). In addition to the physical fundraising campaigns of (s)teun, it is now also possible to carry out online crowdfunding campaigns on the crowdfunding and donation platform of Steunactie.



Our mission is to make fundraising as easy and accessible as possible for everyone at the lowest possible cost and with the highest possible security, reliability, service and transparency.


Who can use Steunactie?

Steunactie is for everyone who wants to organise an online crowdfunding campaign. Start crowdfunding now, whether you are a foundation, association, school, company, team, class or group. Or if you want to start a crowdfunder for yourself, family or friends. Everyone's welcome at Steunactie!

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