How it works

Start a Steunactie fundraiser in just a few easy steps!

  • Register 1. Register and create an account

    Click ‘Register’ and create an account.

  • Create action 2. Create your own crowdfunding page

    Personalise your own fundraiser by adding a photo/image, a title, a short description and your target amount. You can also add additional photo’s, a video and a detailed description (the story behind the fundraiser).

    You can further add a profile picture and/or a group, team or organisation to your crowdfunding page. People are more likely to donate if they clearly know what the collection is for and who is organising it.

    Ready? Click on 'activate' and your fundraiser page is live online. You can always make changes later on. Add news and updates to keep donors informed of the progress of your fundraiser. 

    More tips for a successful campaign
  • Share fundraiser 3. Share your fundraising page with your network

    Steunactie has added sharing tools & options to your campaign page for your convenience. With one click you can share your fundraising page on social media, via email, Whatsapp and more. Thank you messages for donors are set up automatically.

    Invite your team or group members to become collectors for your fundraiser. Collectors can personalise your fundraiser with their own profile and share the crowdfunding page with their own network. A great way to get a team or group involved in a common goal or cause and at the same time expand the reach of your fundraiser and obtain more donations.

  • Donate 4. Receive online donations

    You can follow all donations and pay out transactions live in your dashboard.

    Learn more about pay out here.

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