Crowdfunding with Steunactie

Crowdfunding with Steunactie

Crowdfunding exists of 2 words: 'crowd' or a (large) group of people,  and 'funding', meaning to provide money. The terms sums up the concept exactly: the provision of money by a (large) group of people.

Whilst individuals belonging to the 'crowd' each donate a relatively small amount of money to a project, charity or cause, collectively a large total amount of funds can be raised that can actually make a difference and have impact. People that otherwise could not get a project financed and off the ground can suddenly tap into a large pool of people and make their goal or cause become reality. 

Steunactie is the ideal crowdfunding platform for a social or personal goal, wish, dream or project. With the website platforms and, online fundraising becomes easy and accessible for everyone.

With the advent of the internet and digital payment options, online crowdfunding has also made its appearance and is now the most preferred way of fundraising. You can now easily share your crowdfunding fundraiser online as well as receive online payments. Steunactie is a platform that facilitates, enables and manages this in an easy and secure way. Steunactie is focused on so called  ‘donation crowdfunding’; raising money without a quid pro quo.  

Crowdfunding with Steunactie

Setting up a crowdfunding campaign

Do you have a goal in mind that you want to raise money for? Then create a free account on Steunactie. You can then easily and quickly create your own fundraising page and immediately start sharing it online with your friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, on social media, with the news media and wherever else you think you can reach people with your fundraiser.

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Frequently asked questions about Crowdfunding

  • For which cause, goal or purpose can I start a crowdfunding fundraiser?

    That's up to you! You can start a fundraiser for every conceivable goal, cause or purpose you wish. E.g., collecting money for a charity, a sports club or team, someone who needs immediate help, medical treatment, an animal or pet, a special wish or dream, etc. Crowdfunding with Steunactie is the perfect way to raise money online for any purpose or goal.

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  • The most important thing is to share your fundraiser with ‘the crowd' as much as possible. Through personal messages containing the link to your crowdfunding page (email, WhatsApp, Messenger). And by posting the campaign on social media. 

    Tip: Ask people not only to donate but also to share the link to your crowdfunding page onwards with thier network.


    You can also contact the news media (see here for examples). They are usually very interested in publishing articles on fundraising campaigns! 

    And you can invite collectors who can help you ‘spread the word' with their personalised collector's fundraisingpage. 


    Steunactie has all kinds of handy tools and tips to make your fundraiser as successful as possible.

  • With the 'edit fundraiser' function, it’s easy to create a good looking and effective fundraiser page in a matter of minutes. Next a strong title and a short description, you have the possibility to tell the story behind your initiative. Add a catchy header photo or image and add extra images or even a video. The platform is very user-friendly for anyone who wants to set up a crowdfunding fundraiser, even if you are not very experienced with computers. And if you need help, we are here for you. You can have your fundraiser page online within 3 minutes and can then immediately start sharing and receiving donations. 

  • Add a bank account in your dashboard and link it to your fundraiser. We payout every week so that you can quickly receive the donations you have collected! Prefer to be paid in one go at the end of your fundraiser? This is also possible by linking your bank account to your fundraiser only when you would like to be paid out.

  • We only allows legitimate fundraisers to be placed on its platform. Fundraisers suspected of being illegal and/or of malicious intent will be investigated and removed if necessary. Besides monitoring this strictly ourselves, every visitor can report abuse. This way the crowd/the community also keeps a careful watch on the fundraisers. We take abuse reports seriously and investigate reported fundraisers for legitimacy. In addition, all fundraisers must comply with the conduct guidelines as stated in our terms and conditions, otherwise they will be removed. 

  • SSL: The security of the platform is guaranteed by a so-called SSL certificate. SSL literally stands for Secure Sockets Layer which means that a secure layer is placed between a server and an internet browser. With SSL, confidential data is sent encrypted so that it cannot be intercepted. A website is secured by SSL if a small lock appears before the URL in the address bar of your browser.

  • PSD2: The security of the payments is guaranteed because we work together with mollie, one of the best-known payment service providers (PSP) in Europe. Mollie holds a PSD2 license issued by The Dutch Central Bank. PSD2 is an abbreviation for the term Payment Services Directives 2. In addition, all payment methods comply with SCA guidelines. Learn more about PSD2 here.

  • Steunactie is the most affordable crowdfunding & donation platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. Setting up and starting a Steunactie is completely free. Fees will only be charged for successful donations. No cure no pay! We do not ask for an extra contributions or tips from donors and we pay out every week. Click here for more information on our rates.

  • We offer the following payment methods to your donors:

    • iDEAL (Netherlands)
    • Bancontact (Belgium)
    • KBC/CBC (Belgium)
    • Belfius (Belgium)
    • Sofort (Germany, Austria, Switserland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium)
    • Giropay (Germany)
    • SEPA manual bank transfer (Europe)
    • Credit Card - Mastercard, VISA, AMEX (worldwide)
    • PayPal (worldwide)

    For an overview, see here.

  • De volgende betaalmethoden zijn mogelijk voor jouw donateurs: 

    • iDEAL (Nederland)
    • Bancontact (België)
    • KBC/CBC (België)
    • Belfius (België)
    • Sofort (Duitsland, Oostenrijk, Zwitserland, Italië, Spanje, Polen, Nederland, België)
    • Giropay (Duitsland)
    • SEPA handmatig bankoverschrijving / bank transfer (Europa)
    • Creditcard (Wereldwijd)
    • PayPal (wereldwijd)

    Zie hier voor een overzicht.

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