Help Us Complete Our Half-Built Home

Help Us Complete Our Half-Built Home

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Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is W.D.Lahiru Lakshan Sadakelum, and I am reaching out with a heartfelt plea for your assistance. My family and I are in urgent need of your help to complete the construction of our half-built house. Due to unforeseen financial hardships, we are struggling to secure the remaining funds necessary to finish our home, and we are humbly requesting your support to raise $7,160 to make this dream a reality.

*Our Journey and Struggle

Our journey began with hope and determination. After years of saving every penny, we finally started constructing our dream home. However, halfway through the project, we encountered several financial setbacks that have left us unable to complete the construction. Rising costs of materials, unexpected medical expenses, and job uncertainties have drained our resources, leaving us with an unfinished house that we cannot afford to complete on our own.

*Why We Need Your Help

Completing our home is not just about providing shelter; it is about ensuring a stable and secure environment for our family. Living in an unfinished house poses numerous challenges, including exposure to harsh weather conditions and safety concerns. By helping us raise $7,160, you will be providing us with the opportunity to:

- Install essential utilities:- Electricity, plumbing, and heating.

- Complete interior work:- Flooring, walls, and ceilings.

- Ensure safety:- Proper doors and windows for security.

- Create a livable space:- Kitchen and bathroom facilities.

*How Your Donation Will Make a Difference

Every dollar you contribute will bring us one step closer to completing our home. Your support will:

- Provide Stability:- A completed home will offer a safe and stable environment for our family.

- Improve Well-being:- Adequate shelter will significantly enhance our physical and mental well-being.

- Enable Future Growth:- With a secure home, we can focus on our careers, education, and contributing positively to our community.

*How to Donate

We are immensely grateful for any amount you can contribute. To make it convenient, we have set up multiple ways for you to donate:


Crypto Wallet:-

- Bitcoin (BTC):- 1ARC7Xsp7z4kDjpRELGBTHkoXqinm8NB3i

Bank Transfer:-

- Bank Name:- Bank of Ceylon

- Account Number:- 87269373

- Swift Number:- BCEYLKLX

- Account Name:- W.D.Lahiru Lakshan Sadakelum

- Branch code:- 394

- Bank code:- 7010

*Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. Your kindness and generosity can transform our lives and help us overcome this challenging period. We understand that times are tough for many, and we appreciate any support you can offer. Together, we can turn our half-built house into a safe and loving home.

With deepest gratitude,

W.D.Lahiru Lakshan Sadakelum

- Email:-

- Mobile Number:- +94767467673




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