Project 335i Laurens

Project 335i Laurens

Let’s make our brother Laurens 335i perfect again! (The car was stolen/damaged after he passed away)


Time to reveal the real sad story behind Laurens 335i.

Before Laurens passed away he damaged the side of his car. (Nothing too serious)

He went to a bodywork shop and they told him they needed to repaint the whole car.

He didn’t have much savings so his parents decided to help him. And just like that he dropped his car off.  it should be ready in 2-3 weeks so he went for a nice vacation to Ibiza with his parents with the idea to kill some time while his dreamcar is being worked on.

Saldy enough after 2 days back in belgium he had a fatal motorcycle accident, never too experience his dreamcar ever again.

Rest In Peace My Brother!

The parents contacted the garage and they showed compassion, they told them the car will be ready in a week..

Then something unbelievable happened..

This shop stole his car!

There where no signs of the garage, completely off the grid, no socials, no replies too phone calls, mails, text messages

His parents went to the police but like always they did nothing

His dreamcar was gone.. stolen

Only thing that we could do is hope and pray that we someday see it back or get a call from someone..

After couple months the garage called and told the car will be delivered. So let the counting down begin. days went by, every hour, every minute we where hoping that the car would come back.

But Guess what? They didn’t bring it back..

More time has passed by and a tow truck showed up with Laurens his car!

Our prayers worked! We couldn’t be more happy that his dreamcar is back.

So I rushed to his parents house to check out the car in the middle of the night. But sadly it hurted more to see it in this condition..

The car doesn’t start (engine damaged) , gearbox (not sure)

+- 10.000km’s more on the dash.

Primer everywhere, leaked/dried paint everywhere.

All wheels damaged 1 tire even replaced

Headlights stolen and replaced with second-hand non functional ones

Interior condition full damaged

Panel gaps and misplaced parts everywhere.

I could go on for days!!

These are things that are visible.. there are probably more problems and damage that we can’t see or check at the moment.

But the more  you are looking for damage.. the more you are finding. They’ve been driving it everyday and completely abusing it..

After his parents told me they don’t have a safe place to park the car I agreed to buy it off them and keep it forever.

The only thing I could do to make him smile everyday from the sky.

After discussing with some friends we agreed to make it a group project and make him even more proud!

His story can’t end like this!

Let’s get started and make his car the way he invisioned it!

Want to help too? Parts or funds are accepted! (To donate parts & services please send a dm on Instagram: @laurens.335i)

No obligations! We will finish this as a family!

Thank you everyone for all your beautifull messages.

Please don’t ask for the name of the company that made all this mess. God is watching and they will get what they deserve!

Follow the journey of this project on Instagram: @laurens.335i




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