‏Urgent: Help Save My ‏Family From GAZA

‏Urgent: Help Save My ‏Family From GAZA
Alaa Alshaeer

Help My ‏Family From GAZA


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Dear sympathetic supporters,

I bring you my heartfelt appeal, driven by the urgency of the dire situation my family faces in the chaos in Gaza, a war-torn region.  My name is Alaa. I work in the field of production and machinery. I am 33 years old and a Palestinian refugee who now resides in Belgium.  5 years ago I came to you asking for your generous support to evacuate the 7 members of my beloved family from the dangerous conditions they are currently experiencing in Gaza and move them to safety in Egypt.

Get to know my special family:


Father (63 years old): A skilled tow truck mechanic with many certificates and experience.

Mother (60 years old): The heart of our family, she raised us with love and care.

My sister, Amani, is divorced (38 years old) and her family.

Rama (17 years old).

Waseem (16 years old).

Lana (14 years old).

Awni (10 years old).

Urgent situation:

Since October 2023, my family has fled constant bombing, from the vicinity of Al Shifa Hospital, been forced to leave their homes, and witnessed the loss of my uncle and his family.  The current situation is miserable, as there is no refuge from hunger, drought, displacement, disease, and continuous bombing.  They now find themselves in an apartment in Rafah, fighting to survive.


One of our houses that was bombed (later the house was leveled)


Your support is important:


Your generosity can change the course of their lives.  I have personally experienced the trauma of living under bombing, and I fear for the safety of my loved ones.  Your contribution, no matter how small, can have a big impact.


Financial details:


To cross the Gaza-Egypt border at Rafah, we need paid permits known as the “crossing list.”  The coordinators in Egypt informed us that adding my family names would cost between $5,000 and $7,000 per person.  Your generous contributions will go toward:


35 thousand dollars for a permit for the Rafah crossing.


$2000 travel and transportation fees from Gaza to Egypt.


$9,000 for initial humanitarian aid: shelter/house rent in Egypt, resettlement, clothing, urgent health care.


Since they have lost everything and will be in Egypt without any source of income, any additional donations will go towards their stay in Egypt and their return when the war ends.


How you can help:


Please consider donating and sharing my campaign widely with your family and friends.  Every second in Gaza is a risk, and your support can be life-saving.  Contact me at alshaeer.al@gmail.com  for more information.


Thank you for your kindness during this difficult time.  Your support is crucial in this humanitarian endeavour.








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Alaa Alshaeer

Alaa Alshaeer


Doneer Wees de eerste om deze actie te steunen!


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