Crowdfunding Clubs and Teams

Start a crowdfunding campaign for your favourite club or team today!

Does your club or team need additional funds? For example to renovate the club house, for new uniforms, for participation in an (international) event? Make it possible by starting a personalised crowdfunding fundraiser on Steunactie today!


Crowdfunding for every club or team; get started today!

Online crowdfunding is the ideal way to quickly and easily collect donations for any club or team related activity or event. By having team and/or club members participate in the fundraiser by sharing the crowdfunding campaign online within in their individual networks, your fundraising campaign will quickly reach many people and raise the necassary funds to achieve your goal(s). 

Team and/or club members will be proud to share and present their personalised crowdfunder page to family, friends, relatives and others in their network. Fundraising has never been easier. Support your club and team by starting your online crowdfunding fundraiser on Steunactie!   

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