Crowdfunding Education

Crowdfunding for Education, School or Study. 

Looking for an easy way to raise funds for any goal or project related to education, school or study? A crowdfunding on Steunactie is the ideal way to quickly set up a fundraiser and start collecting donations for your goal or cause. 


Get started today and start collecting donations right away!

A new school playground, additional learning materials, a school event, an educational field trip, money for a foreign student internship or tuition fees for that long desired schooling program? Make it possible with an online crowdfunding fundraiser on Steunactie. Set up your online fundraising page and start collecting donations right away so you can achieve your educational goal.

Crowdfunding can also be used to collect for a charity project which a school, class or group of students has adopted. Involving pupils, students, scholars and parents in your fundraiser has many advantages. They learn how to work together to achieve a common goal and learn about the social importance of the project at the same time. Truly a win-win situation for all involved! 



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