Crowdfunding Company and Business

Crowdfunding for businesses, companies and entrepreneurs

Any business or company can start a donation based online crowdfunding with Steunactie. This can be to get a business or project started, to fund a business idea or product, to support an ongoing business, to overcome sudden costs due to a natural disaster, theft or fraud that have affected a business, etc.


Crowdfunding for business and companies; an alternative to traditional funding

Companies and businesses may need cash for a host of different reasons. Traditional funding through bank loans might not always be available. For self-employed, entrepreneurs and companies alike, a crowdfunder with Steunactie can be a great opportunity to collect funds from ones network.

With just a few steps you can get your crowdfunding page up and running and start collecting donations from your network. Get started with fundraising through online crowdfunding with Steunactie today!  

Steunactie Step 2 Start fundraiser
Steunactie Step 3 Share the fundraiser page
Steunactie Step 4 Receive donations

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