Crowdfunding in Memoriam

Making a tribute or memorial possible with crowdfunding

Raising funds to cover the costs of a dignified tribute or memorial.

By starting an online crowdfunding campaign, you can raise money online to make a tribute or memorial possible. The death of a loved one is a sad event for all involved. You want to be able to arrange a dignified and beautiful farewell that does justice to the wishes of the deceased. Get started with a crowdfunding campaign with Steunactie to realize this.


Crowdfunding to help with the costs of a tribute or memorial

The costs of a dignified farewell and memorial service can quickly mount up. You want to arrange the ceremony in a respectful way and in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. Sometimes there are not enough resources to arrange such a service. With a crowdfunding campaign with Steunactie, you can make it happen. 

Create your own personalised campaign page in a few steps and share it with your network, family and people around you. You will be surprised how quickly you will receive donations. Crowdfunding with Steunactie is an easy way to fund a worthy memorial service and pay tribute to the deceased. 

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