Crowdfunding Wish, Dream or Hobby

Start a crowdfunding to make your wish, dream or hobby come true!

By starting a crowdfunding fundraiser with Steunactie you make your dreams come true! Have you been longing to fulfil your dream or wish but find yourself pondering how to pay for it? Or do you have a hobby that needs funding to get started or to take it to the next level? Crowdfunding can be the solution.


Crowdfunding is an easy way to fund ideas, wishes, dreams and hobbies and turn them into reality 

Dare to dream and make sure dreams become reality. Everyone has certain desires and wishes that have not yet been fulfilled due to lack of funding. By starting a online donation crowdfunder for yourself or for a friend or family member you can bring the fulfilment of your/their dream much closer. 

Online fundraising through crowdfunding is a great, fast and easy way to collect donations from your network and realize your dream, wish or hobby. Steunactie provides all the support you need to get started with your fundraising initiative! 

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