Crowdfunding funeral

Crowdfunding for arranging for a funeral service 

The death of a loved one, family member or a close relative is a intensely sad and sorrowful event for all the bereaved. You want to be able to arrange a dignified funeral that does justice to the life and wishes of the deceased. It often turns out that there are insufficient means and/or insurance available to be able to organize a service. A crowdfunding campaign often offers a solution.


Crowdfunding to arrange a respectful funeral service

To be able to pay for a dignified and appropriate funeral when there are insufficient funds can be difficult. An easy and quick way to raise support and funds for arranging a funeral is through an online crowdfunding fundraiser with Steunactie. Create your own campaign page in a few minutes, share it online and start receiving donations from your own network and beyond. 

Online fundraising with a crowdfunding campaign with Steunactie is the ideal way to raise money for a funeral that needs extra support. 

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