Crowdfunding hospitality

Help the hospitality industry by starting crowdfunding

A fundraising campaign for the hospitality industry to support your beloved restaurant, favourite café or other hospitality establishment can be done quickly and easily with crowdfunding on Steunactie. 


Help hospitality businesses; this is how it works

The hospitality business is currently under considerable pressure due to the Corona measures. Mandatory closures have caused a lot of headaches for a large number of entrepreneurs in this sector. They can be helped by setting up an online crowdfunding campaign. Help your favourite restaurant, bar or cafe through these difficult times! By supporting them with a crowdfunder, you’ll be able to continue to enjoy the atmosphere and delicious food and drinks for a long time to come.

Start a crowdfunding fundraiser initiative with Steunactie today. With just a few steps your personal fundraiser page will be online and ready to be shared and to receive donations. 

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