Crowdfunding Legal

Get help and support for legal costs with crowdfunding

Raise money to pay for laywer, process, litigation or any other legally realated costs. 

By starting crowdfunding, you can raise money online to pay for expensive litigation or mediation costs. A crowdfunding campaign for support in legal costs is easily set up with Steunactie. Help yourself or others who need support due to a legal battle with a crowdfunding action on Steunactie.


Crowdfunding can be a major help to you and/or others with legal costs 

If you get involved in a dispute that can only be resolved by hiring lawyers and/or going to court, this usually involves high costs. Most people cannot afford to pay these costs. Therefore, a fundraising campaign via online crowdfunding is a good way to raise money for this. 

This can easily be done with an online crowdfunding campaign on Steunactie. Create your own personalised action page in a few steps and share with your network and people around you. You will be surprised how quickly you will receive donations from supporters and sympathizers. 

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